A Food Truck inspired by the East

Manpuku loosely means ‘to be full’. At Manpuku we strive for that, diners who walk away with full tummies and warm hearts!

Manpuku Food Truck Menu and food

Our food

Simplicity is key to us here at Manpuku. Our food truck’s meals rely on great local ingredients to create flavour combinations which leave you wanting more and more. Freshly made and tasty, we firmly believe less is more (except portion sizes 😀 )

Our Food Truck

Our Food truck

Bought, modified and transformed into something at home wherever it stops. The Manpuku Food Truck is unique in its looks but yet understated enough to not compete with the bride at a wedding.

Manpuku Food truck - Asian food bedfordshire

“From the happy face greeting me…to the presentation…to opening the container and smelling the food…..to tasting each mouthful. orgasmic.” – N.Wood – Facebook

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What’s on the menu?

We do try and keep our dishes fresh, not only in terms of ingredients but also in what tastes we offer your palette. Check out our Facebook page for the latest menu or event specific menus.

Where are you based?

We do have a few regular stops, such as the Hare Inn and the Star in Leighton Buzzard, but we try an visit as many places as we can. We normally post where we are on our Facebook page on Mondays.

Does your menu cater to Vegans or Vegetarians?

Why YES! We love cooking veggie meals and we always have at least one vegetarian option on the menu, more often than not these are also vegan friendly. Drop us a message if anything is unclear.